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What To Wear Hiking

What To Wear Hiking

Like a lot of other sports, hiking requires specialist equipment. One form of equipment required for hiking is clothes and shoes.

Whether you plan on hiking up Mount Everest or through the desert you will need certain items to help your trip to be a success. 

We all know that hiking can be one of the most rewarding sports in the World, it can allow you to see some of the greatest sights that the World has to offer,

to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of hiking alone or to join forces with other like minded individuals and trek together.

Whatever your reason is for deciding to hike and regardless of when, where, why, who and what, you will need to wear certain things to help to keep you safe.

Obviously the exact details of what you need can vary depending upon terrain, weather and personal circumstances but we hope that this general guide will help you out some of the way. 


One of the biggest mistakes that people make when hiking is wearing the wrong footwear. Some people wear trainers and others wear boots that are not designed for hiking, either way this is a terrible idea.

A lot of hiking accidents and tragedies originated with someone wearing the wrong shoes. Not wearing the right hiking boots can cause you to fall or cause pain and damage to your feet making it impossible to continue with the hike.

If you are new to hiking it can be difficult to know which kind of shoes are right however, most specialist outdoor equipment shops will have someone on hand that can help you to choose the right boots for you and your adventure.

Some of the most important things to look for are good grip and ankle support. It is also important to make sure that they fit correctly.


It might sound obvious, but many people forget about the importance of socks.

Normal socks will not do the trick when it comes to hiking as they are not designed for lots of walking and will not protect your feet from getting rubbed by the hiking boots.

A lot of shops will sell specialist socks for hiking. It is important to consider the time of year that you will be hiking as in winter or in colder climates you may need thicker and more thermal socks compared to if you are hiking in the sun during the summer months.

A Jacket

When it comes to hiking jackets are really important. Jackets can protect you from the outer climate.

One of the other positives of jackets is that they allow you to layer up which can be really effective for hiking as your temperature is bound to change throughout.

You can wear your jacket when the temperature drops or choose to take it off in hotter climates.

You need to carefully consider what kind of jacket is best depending on the weather and time of year amongst other factors.

It is also important to make sure that your jacket is lightweight so that it does not weigh you down when you are wearing it or when it is in your bag. 

A Backpack 

Backpacks are another must have for every hiking adventure. It is important that you have a sturdy yet lightweight bag which is big enough to hold all of your hiking belongings.

You need to carefully think about what you will need to take with you, for instance if it is a one day hike you may simply need to fit water, a snack, a phone, your money and a jacket.

However, if you plan on enevouring on a longer hike spanning across days then you may need a lot more room for extra food, a sleeping bag, a tent and extra clothes.

Finding the right bag can be difficult but it is really important if you want to have a successful hike. Sometimes it can be a good idea to invest a little more into a bag in order to get better quality. 

A Clip On Water Bottle

Hiking and dehydration are commonly linked and a lot of the time this is because people do not drink enough water, so what could be a better reminder to drink than wearing your water.

A lot of water bottles will come with a clip that you can attach to your trousers or jacket and if not then you can often buy a clip as an add on.

It is important to invest in a lightweight water bottle as a heavier bottle could prove counterproductive and even weigh you down on your travels.

It is really important to remember to sip water throughout your trip and to find places to top your bottle up with clean and safe drinking water. 


Depending upon the weather and climate that you find yourself in, sunscreen can be really important. Sunscreen can stop you from having to endure the agony that is sunburn.

It can also help to protect you from serious illnesses such as skin cancer. Completing a hike while covered in burns is no fun for anybody so it is important to remember to apply a lot of sunscreen and often. 

A Hat

Depending on the weather conditions a good hat would be a great addition to your hike and could allow you to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

This can help you to avoid sunstroke which could have potentially stopped you from completing your mission. A winter hat could also be helpful depending on the specifics of your adventure. 

Final Thoughts

It is really important to carefully consider what you will wear when you go hiking as this can be the difference between a fantastic and successful hike or a complete disaster. Be sure to prioritise safety but also to think about comfort. When it comes to hiking or other sports, looks simply do not matter.

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