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How To Fold A Pop Up Tent

Pop up tents are a fantastic invention that have allowed us to go camping, even in the dark, and get our tents up and set without any of the hassle of putting in tent pegs and dealing with the poles. 

The problem is, even with their simplicity of erecting them – they’re notoriously difficult to put back down again. You’ve enjoyed a great night and put the tent up in a matter of seconds, just to get incredibly frustrated with it the next day when you’re in a rush to leave! 

So, what’s the answer? In this guide, we’re going to explore how you can fold up a pop up tent much easier and in a sure-fire way. 

What’s A Pop Up Tent?

A pop up tent is, in essence, a pre-set up tent that literally “pops up” when you take it out of the bag. It means that you can go camping in any light setting or situation and will not have to deal with the complicated set up of the usual tents.

They are by far the easiest tent to set up using pre-attached poles that snap into place and extend when you are ready for it. Due to their ease, many beginners or novice campers opt for the pop up tent when they’re heading out on their first expedition. 

The pre-attachments work as springs, so that when there is no force acting to keep them inside the bag and folded up – they spring and pop up into place as a finished tent. 

Why Would I Need A Pop Up Tent?

Novices and beginners of the great outdoors will almost always be advised to go for a pop up tent. They’re a great choice for kids who might decide to go camping at a friend’s house or in your yard and they’re also the right choice for family-friendly camping excursions. 

People who live with mobility difficulties are also advised to go for a pop up tent, as are those who are attending festivals or simply working on a budget. 

The point is, pop up tents are financially friendly, easy to set up and perfect for most people to use. 

Are Pop Up Tents Strong?

However you look at it, pop up tents will never beat a regular tent for protection against the elements, but they’re always better than nothing. Then again, why would you want to go camping in a monsoon?

Due to their cheaper materials, they are not as durable as the strong poles and fabric that a regular tent will have. Pop up tents are more for fun rather than actual protection from bad weather.

The additional problem is that due to things like fiberglass and cheaper materials, if they do not last – which they likely won’t – you cannot repair them easily and they’ll likely get worse. 

So, unlike the regular tent – if there is damage to them, you will likely have to replace the entire tent rather than simply repair one area. Then again, due to their affordability, this won’t worry the customer so much. 

Pop up tents aren’t designed to fight against really tough weather conditions, whereas a regular tent is. They will however, last against normal raining conditions and slight to moderate winds. If you get caught in awful weather though – you’re likely about to say goodbye to your tent. 

They cope okay with condensation, effectively the same as they deal with rain. It is advisable when you purchase a pop up tent though to only use it in good weather and keep the tent as ventilated as possible. 

How Would I Fold A Pop Up Tent?

There are specific ways to fold a pop up tent due to their design and processes. There may be differences to these processes depending on what tent you have and which company has manufactured it. 

As a general rule of thumb though, you can expect to do the following: 

How Long Will A Pop Up Tent Last For Me?

This will largely depend on the manufacturer, your conditions and the frequency in which you use the tent. 

Typically, you can expect a pop up tent to last for at least a year if you’re only using it seldomly and in calm weather conditions. If you’re using the tent frequently and it’s going through an attack of strong winds and rain, the chances are that you’ll need to replace your pop up tent within 2 months. 

As we have said though, there are many different factors to this – but don’t expect to have your pop up tent for anywhere near the same length of time as a regular tent that is designed to be with you for decades. 


Pop up tents are very helpful and are going through a period of popularity due to their ease of use, access, affordability and their user-friendliness to people of all ages and abilities.

The problem of course is when it is time to put it back in the bag! Hopefully though, this guide has helped you to put it back together every single time.

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