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How To Clean Hydro Flask

How to Clean Hydro Flask

That Hydro Flask you use all day? Yeah, you are probably thinking that it is super clean, after all, you only use it to drink water. Well done on the daily hydration!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news however, but it is highly likely that your Hydro Flask is not clean, especially if you do not wash it on the regular. 

Whilst that stainless steel might look spotless to the naked eye, what you cannot see (just yet) is the buildup of bacteria – though maybe you can smell it?

To avoid this common problem, all you need to do is to clean it regularly. Whilst this might sound simple, you are probably also aware that a bottle can be such an awkward shape to clean well. Fear not,

we have put together an easy guide on how to wash your Hydro Flask.

Follow these simple and easy steps and you will have that Hydro Flask clean, and in great condition, for a long time. 

Why Should You Clean A Hydro Flask?

Even though there may be a temptation to just rinse the bottle in between uses, it will be of no use.

Giving the Hydro Flask a rinse on the bit your mouth touches, or just a general fill up of water before pouring it out – sadly it will not clean the bottle at all.

What it needs is some form of soap and a scrub to really get rid of anything nasty that might be lurking. Over time this will buildup, rather than be moved away by any liquid that enters, such as the drink itself.

In fact, bacteria will create a biofilm on the inside of the Hydro Flask over time, a little how residue may buildup of soap in a sink.

This comes from your own backwash (saliva) and various other types of bacteria found in the environment outside.

Whilst the bacteria from your mouth will not make you ill, the germs outside are the ones that could potentially make you unwell. 

How Does Bacteria Get In The Bottle?

We have already stated that bacteria causes a film to build up due to coming in from various ways. In the outside world, you probably will not be surprised about one of the ways those germs can get inside the bottle.

If you are touching doorknobs, shaking hands, pressing the button to go up an elevator – you are basically picking up bacteria.

On this journey you will also be touching the bottle, whether that is unscrewing the lid, flicking the mouthpiece up or removing gunk like makeup from it – you are basically welcoming the bacteria to make the Hydro Flask a home. 

If some of this bacteria is a part of the norovirus strain because somebody has sneezed into their hand and then touched a handrail, for example, then you can be sure to add that into your bottle.

These are the sorts of bacteria that can make you unwell.

How Often Should You Clean A Hydro Flask?

You may be the kind of person who has multiple Hydro Flasks which you use at different times. When that is the case, it can seem rather overwhelming when it comes to cleaning them, hence sometimes a rinse will do.

If you only use the Hydro Flask for a daily dose of H2O, then it is okay to give it a rinse each day with hot water, with a full clean once per week.

If it is any other drink, then spend time cleaning it once you have finished with it, or at the end of the day. This way it should help to keep that pesky bacteria at bay. 

If you are rinsing it during the week but it starts to smell, then this should be a good indicator to tell you that the bottle needs a full clean.

Do not ignore it because it will make the water taste funny too – so think of it like you are basically drinking bacteria. Not nice, right?

What Happens If You Do Not Wash A Hydro Flask?

If you do not wash the Hydro Flask, which even includes the odd rinse with hot water, then you might as well throw it away because there will come a point where it is absolutely unusable, especially if rust begins to form. 

Not only will it cause the bottle to produce mold and have a buildup of bacteria, but the stainless steel will start to corrode as well. All of this will cause the bottle to smell and the drink to taste horrible.

To avoid all of this happening, all you need to do is get into the habit of cleaning the bottle properly.

You bought it in the first place to avoid having to cause wastage by throwing it away, so keep the Hydro Flask in good working order by remembering to look after it so it will last.

How To Clean The Hydro Flask

Whilst you might just want to put the Hydro Flask into the dishwasher, you actually cannot, so your best bet is to hand wash the bottle.

If you do end up throwing it into the dishwasher, then you are risking damaging the vacuum seal. If you do that, the bottle will start to leak.

You can place the lid into the dishwasher however, and it will help to give it a good clean!

The preferred and easiest method to cleaning inside the Hydro Flask is by using warm water and dish soap. With a long brush scrub the inside, and you can even shake the water around to dislodge any debris. 

If there are stains, then pour distilled white vinegar into the bottle (not too much) and shake. Let it sit for around 5 minutes before rinsing. You can repeat this step until the stains are gone, or even add lemon juice to the mix.

Both of these products are great at getting rid of bacteria too, and are regularly used in cleaning of the kitchen.

If you have stains that just will not move, then baking soda could be a good option. Another kitchen staple as well as a DIY cleaner, baking soda has been used for a number of years as a natural way to remove stains. 

Create a paste of baking soda by putting 2 tablespoons into a small bowl, and then adding water little by little until you have formed a paste.

Mix this with a brush, and then take that brush with the paste on it into the bottle and scrub at the stain. This should remove it. 

Always remember to rinse the bottle after using the methods to avoid a horrible taste and smell. 

Final Words

It is common to find that a Hydro Flask, or any reusable bottle for that matter, starts to smell stale. Whilst you might think this is all a part of using something over and over again, it is actually down to how clean it is.

To avoid having a smelly bottle, and to not become unwell, getting into the habit of cleaning your Hydro Flask is a must. It may be an awkward shape, but cleaning a bottle is actually really simple and easy.

Make sure to clean a Hydro Flask every week if you only use it for water, and every day if you are using it for stronger drinks, to make sure it lasts a long time and does not start to form a layer of bacteria.

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