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Best Hunting Boots

Best Hunting Boots

Any hunt can take you onto difficult and challenging terrain. You may find yourself out in the freezing cold for hours, having to climb tricky slopes or crossing wet ice.

Equipped with the right gear, the most suitable weapon and years of experience, that may not be enough. Within a couple of hours, the only thing you discover is that your boots are not up to it.

You should be concentrating on the hunt, not how cold, wet, or sore your feet are.

Whatever prey you are hunting is equipped for survival in the harshest of conditions, but your hunting boots may not be.

Having to loosen the laces on your hunting boots, or taking them off for relief, will be uncomfortable for you and your companions. Especially when the hunt can be over if your prey gets away.

Having the best pair of hunting boots means not worrying about whether they will be up to the challenge. They should provide suitable support without letting you down on comfort.

They will be waterproof with the right insulation for winter, or early-season hunts. You should also be able to rely on them for durability, protection, and peace of mind. Season upon season and year after year.

Our Best Hunting Boots Reviews

Best For ComforMeindl Vakuum Hunter

You could have a long day hunting, so you should opt for a pair of hunting boots with optimum comfort.

That usually comes from custom-made design, and Meindl Vakuum Hunter boots feature a boot within a boot design. Not only will this provide excellent support but keep you stabilized wherever your hunt takes you.

The most ideal fit comes from MFS Vakuum Foam Panels that align with the contour of your feet.

Support from underneath too with air-active insoles that mean your walking should be comfortable, with room for soft crampons if you need them.

The material is also key; stretchy Gore-Tex and waterproof linings to keep your feet dry and blister-free. Your ankles will also be well propped up with stiff uppers.



Also available here

Meindl Men's Nordic Walking Shoes
  • Waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane
  • Air active footbed keeps you dry and comfortable
  • Meindl Multigriff Vibram outsole for traction on a wide variety of terrain
  • Memory foam system for optimum comfort and support

Best For Durability – Gokey The Supreme Boots

With so many complex materials and artificial methods, the most reliable durability can come from a trusted design.

Gokey The Supreme boots are hand-lasted featuring hand locked stitching and bull hide for the best in durability. They look great too, with a moccasin style construction that is also relatively easy to repair, should they ever require it.

There are few artificial elements with a simple, trusted design that does the job. A gusseted full-length leather tongue to eliminate dirt and moisture from your feet.

Surrounding the tongue is the most effective lacing system. Five pairs of brass eyelets and speed hooks mean you can get the support you desire and adjust it just how you want.



Gokey The Supreme Boot Handmade in the USA, Size 9.5 D Brown
  • Rugged 7-8 oz. oil tanned bull hide bottoms and 10” 5-6 oz. bull hide
  • A full length leather tongue is gusseted to eliminate dirt and moisture
  • 5 pairs of brass eyelets and 5 pairs of speed hooks for lacing provide the ultimate in adjustable support
  • A classic, time proven upland boot that is hand lasted with hand locked stitching and true moccasin style construction
  • Removeable leather covered cushioned insole

Best For Versatility – Danner Pronghorn Boots

With five new layers of technology, the Danner Pronghorn is now in its fifth generation. The components remain the best around yet with the latest technology, these Pronghorns are the most sought after.

Look no further than the best in oiled nubuck leather for a rich feel and PrimaLoft insulation for great weight-to-warmth. Terra Force Next Platform is Danner’s own design, which makes for lasting comfort and stability.

You can also increase the insulation for those demanding wintry conditions that your hike may encounter. Choose from 400g up to 1200g PrimaLoft insulation which is unmissable versatility suited for all seasons.

Such versatile insulation may seem excessive yet a Gore-Tex waterproof liner allows your feet to breathe while keeping moisture out.

Protection comes from an abrasion-resistant toe and heel cap and even cushioning from an SPE midsole.



Also available here

Danner Mens 45003 Pronghorn 8" Gore-Tex Hunting Boot, Brown - 14 D
  • Durable, waterproof full-grain CamoHide leather upper with rugged and lightweight 1000 Denier nylon
  • Full-grain leather toe and heel cap
  • Rugged hardware for secure fit and long lasting performance
  • 100% waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX lining
  • Cushioning three density open cell polyurethane Ortholite footbed

Best For Freezing Conditions – Muck Boot Windy Arctic Ice Extreme Boots

The best hunts can take place in the most extreme conditions. To get a grounding on the ice, consider the Muck Boot Windy Arctic Ice Extreme’s, these come with a comfort range from minus 60 °F to 30 °F.

These are neoprene boots that come with a fleece lining and layers of soft rubber. Not only does that design prove insulating, but great for waterproofing and shock absorption.

While the heat is expertly kept out, you should feel stable on wet and dry ice with Vibram Arctic Grip.

Advanced technology that grips icy surfaces without needing any additional metal components. Then there is the outsole, which promotes a wide contact area with the ground through rubber lugs.



Best For Warm Hunts- Zamberlan 4014 Lynx Mid-GTX BOA

For early-season hunts, you may be looking for lightweight hunting boots that still offer excellent protection. The Zamberlan 4014 Lynx-Mid-GTX BOA Men’s Hunting Boots should be high up on your list.

Each boot is handmade, and that extra detail makes these a pair that should last and last.

As a mid-high boot, there is plenty of ankle coverage, which is ideal over rugged terrain. Once they are broken in, the hunting boots provide extreme comfort with a breathable Gore-Tex liner.

They are also adaptable with the BOA lacing system, you can loosen or tighten your boot with a quick turn of a dial. No need to take them off, and why would you with such a durable design?



Also available here

Zamberlan 4014 Lynx Mid GTX RR BOA Hunting Boots Nubuck Leather Men's
  • The ZFS (Zamberlan Flex System) allows the upper to break forward comfortably without compromising l
  • Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membranes provide waterproof protection and breathability and are guara
  • Uppers feature Zamberlan’s latest leather creation with a unique camouflage blend to enhance your en
  • Dual-density midsoles are made of PU with TPU stabilizers and Vibram's premiere backcountry rubber c
  • Camouflaged Zamberlan Vibram 3D outsoles are extremely rugged, provide excellent grip on a variety o

Buyer’s Guide

No matter which season, your hunting boots should be looking out for you. Whether in icy or warm conditions, the best hunting boots will keep your feet stable and supported over rough terrain.

Hunts can take you into the harshest conditions, so you will need a pair that can adapt with great durability. That may mean mud, snow, ice, slate slopes, or simply long hours.

Designs for waterproofing, insulation, and traction should not come with a particularly heavyweight boot as you should still be comfortable moving.

Factors to look out for include full-grain leather, ankle support, and superior traction technology. You may also desire a pair that goes well with the rest of your camouflage gear.


The most important factor in a pair of hunting boots should be the waterproof lining. Keeping your feet dry and warm in the coldest of conditions will be the least you expect.

Most hunting boot manufacturers use renowned materials such as Gore-Tex as, not only is it waterproof, but moisture-wicking too. Water should not get near your feet, but sweat should be able to escape for exceptional dryness.

Top-quality, full-grain waterproof leather also works well against punctures, dents, scuffs, and impacts.

This is usually enhanced by a stitch-down construction. Ensuring that your hunting boots are waterproof means preventing discomfort, which can ruin a hunt.


The amount of insulation that a hunting boot can provide can be measured, making it simple to work out how much you want.

Decide from around 200g to 1200g depending on how the conditions typically are when you are out hunting. The weights are helpful yet how the boots are insulated can make a big difference.

Of course, the more insulation you have, the more the boot should weigh. However, heavier boots can typically provide more stability, which may be beneficial for shooting.

Neoprene should be a material you need to look out for, as it will retain heat even in subzero temperatures. Thinsulate is also popular amongst hunting boots for protection against the cold.

You should also consider what socks to wear, considering how much insulation your boots should provide.


Your hunt may take you up rugged terrain or even onto the slippery ice, so you need to be confident in your hunting boots.

Some hunting boots excel over dry terrains such as sand, rocks, or grass yet prove tricky over ice or in streams. If in doubt, consider a sole featuring an aggressive tread pattern, which should provide reliable grip on the wettest terrain.

A rubber outsole may be high, and you may think that makes for great support. However, they may prove inadequate when it comes to traction. Certainly compared to Vibram soles, which typically are a little heavier and better for shock absorption.

An adequate lug pattern can also hope to shed mud, which could prove effective for your traction in wet conditions.


How comfortable your hunting boots are typically depends on how durable the material is. A particularly tough design can take a while to break in yet will prove its worth in durability.

Full-grain leather typically takes a shorter amount of time to break in, and there are even some boots that are comfortable immediately.

If you have the time, wear your hunting boots around the house to break them in a few weeks prior to taking them out for their first hunt. You really do not want a pair of boots that will prove uncomfortable a few hours into an all-day hunt.

The midsoles can also contribute to how comfortable your hiking boots are, especially if they follow the contour of your foot. Ankle support is also crucial, it should be flexible enough to move with your foot.

Should the ankle support be rigid you may find it digging into your ankles which could lead to blisters, or even bruising.

An ergonomic upper can go a long way to providing comfort if it can mold to your feet. This can be achieved using a foam overlay which also supports.

Multi-density foam designs are also made to maintain your feet in a neutral, relaxed position. With no pinch points, you should barely notice the boots and avoid hotspots that can prove uncomfortable.

You can also find stability boards which are designed to ensure your forefeet can flex just enough while you are hiking. That is due to even weight distribution, so you should be able to walk all day without feeling any pain.

A flexible upper is one way to ensure that the hunting boots will fit your calves. However, you may be able to find a hunting boot that provides different sizes based on the size of the calf.

Remember that your feet may swell during a long hunt, so try your boots on at the end of the day. If the hunting boots feel a bit too snug all over, then you may need to go up a half-size.

For multi-day hunts, this could make a huge difference. If your toebox is a bit tight on the first day, it will likely get worse and more uncomfortable.


You may find that the best hunting boots only need a few touches to provide great support. A molded rubber toe cap to support your toes over uneven terrain, even when going downhill, for instance.

Your heels will also need stabilizing, and a TPU chassis can typically provide this. Not to forget the arches of your feet, which could really benefit from an EVA midsole for shock absorption.

You could also find a shaft that measures a full 13 arches from the arch, which will give your lower legs coverage and support.


Some of the most durable hunting boots may start out stiff yet soften and become more comfortable with wear.

Waterproof suede leather can prove to be a highly durable material, as can oiled nubuck leather. The laces are also important as the right designs can mean they rarely, if ever, come undone or break.


Your hunting boots should protect you against the elements, but also various other hazards. In early-season hunts, that could include snakes, so you may prefer a taller boot to protect you from snakes that can jump high.

You may find yourself sacrificing protection for weight as higher boots tend to weigh more too. Even an amount as small as 100g can make a difference if your hunts involve long hikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Hunting Boots Should I Wear For Early Season?

If you decide to go hunting in the early season, you may find that ensuring comfort and providing heat relief is the best way to go.

Your boots should also be lightweight and constructed with breathable material, especially for spot-and-stalk hunting.

Waterproof boots should still be a priority yet you may prefer ventilated boots for arid conditions. Considering the area, you may also want fang-deflection and higher boots for added protection.

How Important Is The Terrain For Hunting Boots?

Not all hunting boots are made the same, for the same terrain. No matter the conditions, or the terrain, your boots should provide stability.

That could mean a flexible and lightweight boot over flat country where huge ankle support is not necessary. When up in the mountains amidst shale rock, you may prefer boots closer to those suited for mountaineering.

The traction is also important, as you do not want to have to carry metal components for ice.

Then there is mud to consider, which means looking for hunting boots with ankle support and grip with a lug pattern that can shed mud.

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