About Us

Notice how everyone always says that camping and fishing trips are the most serene moments of their lives? How do the movies always cement this theory and make a fishing trip the moment where the protagonist has their perfect soul searching moment? 

It is an idealistic fairytale spin on fishing and camping trips. 

So, we all go on these trips excited for what we’re about to learn about ourselves along the way, intrigued by the new person that is going to return in place of the old you that first went. 

But once we get to our destination, it's cold and windy, the fish aren’t biting as easily as they do in the movies, the tent has blown away, and you’re more stressed than ever. All that returns home with you is a feeling of defeat.

This is exactly what happened on my first fishing trip back in 2009. Hi, I’m George Alexander, and I can safely say that my fishing trips nowadays are serene and relaxing. But they weren’t when I was first starting out. 

I didn’t know anything about the sport or camping, and I set off on my adventure with very little planning. As a result, I was cold and miserable for the entire trip, and I didn’t catch a single fish. 

Once I learned the right way to do things, my experience became much better. So, that is what I am here to do for you. I want to teach as many people as possible about fishing and camping, so their first experience can be as amazing as they’re building it up in their heads. 

So, come and learn about camping and fishing from me, and I guarantee that you will have an amazing time out in the Great Outdoors.